Smythes Lawyers, Nelson, New Zealand

Merger with Hamish Fletcher Lawyers

Effective 31 March 2015 Smythes Lawyers has merged with Hamish.Fletcher Lawyers and have moved to their offices at 190 Trafalgar Street. Ron Thomson and members of the Smythes team can now be contacted at Hamish.Fletcher Lawyers. We will be available to provide all your legal service requirements as before, the only difference is that you will visit us in a different location. At Hamish.Fletcher Lawyers you will continue to receive superior service and will also benefit from the additional technical capability and operational efficiency the new structure will deliver. Using the link below you will be transferred to the website of Hamish.Fletcher Lawyers and will be able to find full contact details there.

Click here to view Hamish Fletcher Lawyers Website..

Hamish Fletcher Lawyers

Nelson Lawyers Hamish Fletcher will build on the traditional legal services provided by Smythes Lawyers Nelson, to offer; Property Law, Conveyancing, Trusts, Wills, Estates, Relationship Property, Employment, Maritime and Port, Company and Corporate, Conveyancing, Litigation, Resource Management, Fisheries Aquaculture, Trusts Wills, Estates Gifting, Receivership Insolvency, Horticulture, Agriculture, Viticulture